Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lampworking - what's it all about?

If you are a lampworker you will have the Flame Off dates etched into your brain, and have your tickets and hotel booked already.  However, if you are a newbie to all this and want to learn more about this fascinating craft then here is the blurb from the Tuffnells glass website (the organisers).

We'll we bring hundreds of glass beadmakers together in 2 halls to play with glass and fire, sounds like a safety officers nightmare.
 Upstairs in the top hall we will have 6 of the U.K's and Europes lampwork artists demonstrating in front of a camera so that the 150 seater area will have tv screens beaming all the detail to you, each artist demonstrates for 45 mins through the day.

Downstairs there is a sales area with traders , a "lampworkers village" with the leading artists selling there creations and a huge free taster area. The taster area will have benches set out were anybody can sit down and play with the glass , make beads , pendants or just melt and blob. If you have never made beads or played with hot glass before but wanted to then this is the show for you as you get a chance to sit and play , get tuition off the stewards and if you like it you can then buy all the kit to take home.
Check out for more details.  Tickets start at £15
It is THE lampworking event of the year and I can't wait!

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