Thursday, 12 November 2009

Order, Order!

After doing two recent jewellery parties I have quite a few orders to make up, but for those of you who are more than a little curious - here is a little taster of my work from earlier this year.  I will post some pics of my newer work in early December.

This piece was actually a present for my sister-in-law as green is her favourite colour.  I used sterling silver wire to weave the bracelet and made the beads using lime and emerald green Effetre glass.

The picture below shows a weave similar to a box chain but it is a little rounder.  There are over 200 rings in this bracelet and it took me quite a while to make.  The beads are by Julie Fountain of Lush Lampwork as I love her etched/silvered beads.  If you want to see more of Julie's work check out her website at:

Well done Julie for winning 1st prize at the recent British Bead awards! I hope I'll be able to see the winning piece 'in the flesh' so to speak when we all meet up again in Taunton.

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