Thursday, 12 November 2009

Lions Fundraising Event - update

Recently Cheddar Vale Lions held their Annual Bonfire Night Extravaganza - a great family evening out with the usual firework display, bonfire, glow sticks and burgers! 

I was intending to be a little more involved but as I was in Essex whilst the bonfire was being built and then ill during the weekend that everything happened I didn't actually manage to do anything at all!! However, my dear other half stepped into the breach and helped build the bonfire and put out the safety barriers and marquee - I'm glad that at least one of us made it.

Unfortunately, just like last year, the weather wasn't particularly good which will have affected the amount of money collected on the night.  I don't know the actual amount raised but as all the proceeds are used to support local people, groups and clubs etc. I am sure that many of the Lions will be hoping to beat last years final total.

The next main fundraising event for the Lions is at the Cheddar Festive Night on 4th December.  More details soon.... 

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