Friday, 30 April 2010

New lentil press beads

After buying a new lentil press at Flame Off I have been trying out various colour combinations and styles.  The lentil above is about 28mm in diameter, has a white core overlaid with cobalt blue, clear and twisted silvered ivory glass.  I love working with cobalt blue it is one of my favourite colours.

Another 28mm lentil below. I wrapped the white base with silver leaf and then rolled it in green and blue frit (tiny shards of glass).  I love the way that when it is re-heated the silver turns a lovely shiny gold. It is quite a difficult bead to photograph and I know this shot doesn't really do the bead justice. 

I will be threading both of these beads on to either cord and ribbon or suede next week so will post the finished result then.

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